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We’re a web3 incubator, an AI equipped agency

Services include: Precision Email Marketing, Operation Outsourcing, Metaverse and Smart Contract development

What we do

We help Web3 companies to better find accurate customers and grow quickly in the start-up and growth stages through the industry network and technological means that we accumulated in the past

Precision Email Marketing

We are working with many industry partners, utilize the cutting-edge AI technologies to categorize and filter potential leads for our clients via email marketing

HR Outsourcing (Operation)

We have group of industry expertise, who knows the influencers, crypto communities, and business partners very well, can save your cost and connect you with the right people

Metaverse & Smart Contract Development

We are collaborating with Blockagora, and utilize their technologies to quickly build up customized virtual spaces for our clients. The metaverse spaces are compatible with major public chains.

More About

Precision Email Marketing

We have classified and filtered 300,000+ contacts of VC, PE, Token Funds, and crypto players worldwide through machine learning technology. We can precisely reach the specified target audience based on the user’s needs.

Precision Marketing

According to client's request, we do data cleaning and screening with multiple data sources, to get more specified leads for our customers. For instance, we can find VCs who are based in UK, and actively mentioned NFTs in the past month.

Random Sampling

For the clients who wants to test the water for the different target groups, we would help clients to design the marketing campaign and metrics. Then the clients can do the reaching out and the get the picture of the market at a minimum cost

Our advantages

Precise reach, low cost, quick market testing.

Human Resource Outsourcing Services (Operation)

We provide professional crypto business human resource outsourcing services. The business expansion scope mainly includes: Discord community interactive audience engagement and business connection, Twitter influencer rapid event and business connection, as well as standardized social media operations and setup. Our advantages:

Metaverse Showcase

Metaverse NFT Auction Showcase

Roadshow Showcase 1

Roadshow Showcase 2

About Blockagora

Blockagora is incubated from Oumi Community, and also a partner of Oumi Group. Oumi Group is currently utilize Blockagora’s technologies  to assist enterprises to adopt their blockchain and metaverse strategies.

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Metaverse & Smart Contract Development

Teamplate package: a html5 website + a webgl 3d metaverse space with online real time road show conference and NFT minting/token sale functions
Customized 3D Spaces development: the sapces are able to be compatible with all smart contracts, and AR VR divices
We are specialized in solidity smart contracts development, have collabroated with top auditing firms, such as Peckshield, Hacken, New Alechmy etc.