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We are an AI-powered Web3 marketing solutions provider.

Services include: NFT Loyalty Program Marketing, Overseas Brand Expansion, Precision Email Marketing, and Campaign Activation.

What we do

We leverage AI and Web3 technologies to provide community marketing solutions, global branding and marketing solutions, and NFT membership sales and marketing solutions.

NFT Points & Gift Marketing

We offer NFT gift voucher campaigns, including planning, content generation, and event organizing. We also provide production services for various types of physical and virtual NFT cards.

Overseas Brand Expansion

By leveraging Web3 technologies, NFT communities, and integrating with overseas e-commerce platforms, we design comprehensive solutions to assist clients in rapidly establishing overseas brand channels and conducting product pre-sales.

Precision Email Marketing

We are working with many industry partners, utilize the cutting-edge AI technologies to categorize and filter potential leads for our clients via email marketing

More About

NFT Points & Gift Marketing​

We assist businesses in creating NFC-compatible NFT gift and loyalty cards. These cards are available in both physical and virtual formats. By utilizing the Keypass EIP4337 wallet, we ensure seamless usability for Web2 users.

Community Event Marketing Solutions

We assist clients in organizing and planning product sales events within the communities. We develop marketing strategies and enable product sales through various forms such as virtual cards or NFC-enabled cards.

NFT Points Gift Card Solution

We assist clients in selling and producing NFT points cards and gift cards. Compared to traditional points and gift vouchers, NFT points cards and gift cards offer the following advantages: ease of circulation, low production costs, no system integration required, compatibility with existing systems, and the ability to prepare stock based on pre-sales.

Content Services

We assist clients in creating relevant content, including articles, videos, and images.

Overseas Brand Expansion

By leveraging the global reach of the web community and the swift circulation of digital discount vouchers, we help clients develop e-commerce promotion and pre-sale sales event strategies.

Metaverse Showcase

Metaverse NFT Auction Showcase

Roadshow Showcase 1

Roadshow Showcase 2

Email Marketing

Through machine learning technology, we have classified and filtered over 300,000 participants worldwide in venture capital, private equity, token funds, and cryptocurrency. Based on user requirements, we can precisely reach specific target audiences.
Random Sampling: For clients who wish to test different target audiences, we assist in designing marketing campaigns and metrics. Clients can then promote their offerings at a minimum cost, gaining insights into the market dynamics.
Our advantages: Precise targeting, low cost, rapid market testing.

About Blockagora

Blockagora is incubated from Oumi Community, and also a partner of Oumi Group. Oumi Group is currently utilize Blockagora’s technologies  to assist enterprises to adopt their blockchain and metaverse strategies.

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A Seamless Web3 Wallet for WEB2 Users. Keypass leverages the latest ERC4337 and BLS signatures, allowing wallet users to access blockchain wallets through traditional email and social media accounts. With the Paymaster nodes, users can seamlessly interact with the blockchain without any gas fees. This integration empowers Web2 users to retain control over their wallets while effortlessly bridging the gap with Web3 capabilities.