Overview of our deliverables

you could select any combination of these services according to your requirements

Step1: NFT Automated Issurance Tool

We provide automated KYC, AML, NFT/Token generation event, and other customized workflow to make a seamless transaction process.

Step2: AI Sales

Efficiently obtaining new customers is always a problem. Choosing our AI sales service could quickly and massively test the market and find deals at a minimal cost.

Step3: Blockchain Networks

Clients could either choose a public chain or build their own blockchain (permissioned and permissionless blockchain) using our blockchain network solution to deploy their Dapps.

Step4: DEX & NFT Market Places

After the client select a blockchain network , we could help clients to mint NFT/tokens, and build market places using smart contracts

Step5: IPFS Data center

If needed, clients can use our IPFS data verification solutions to cross-verify data with smart contracts

AI Sales

Oumi AI Sales are a marketing management tool that employs deep learning and big data technologies to help you intelligently identify and screening your potential customers.

Advantages of the smart sales

  • The trained neural network can achieve the identification of potential customers like an experienced salesperson. After classifying different people, it can accurately transmit information according to the preferences of different people.
  • work 24/7
  • Easy to scale
  • Lower cost than hiring an experienced sales person

Automated Workflow

After AI sales find leads and before making the deal, Oumi provides automated identity proofing, eKYC and transaction/investment processes to make the sales or investment process more seamless.

Automated investment processes:

  • smart contract token generation events
  • ownership auto transfer
  • and more

Blockchain Networks

The base layer of Oumi’s distributed ledger infrastructure is our core technology. It has two major components: a quickly deployable permissioned or permissionless blockchain system and a general cross chain system. It serves as the underlying framework to seamlessly share and synchronize data between different blockchain networks and institutions while maintaining the privacy, scalability, and auditability required for enterprises.

Oumi Blockchain system is a quickly deployable blockchain infrastructure, supporting all EVM smart contracts. The access control layer can be customized according to different business requirements

Oumi implements ContractLand’s cross-chaintechnology. ContractLand’s cross-chain technology is a general cross-chain solution that uses a decentralized node consensus mechanism. Unlike the traditional token mapping method that a centralized validator or a gate takes the escrow and maps the token to another chain, with ContractLand’s solution, customers can set up trusted alliance verification nodes according to their needs, or they can use a completely decentralized method to verify the legitimacy of cross-chain transfers. In addition, ContractLand’s (ContractLand.io) cross-chain technology is not limited to the cross-chain between the third-party chain and ContractLand’s main chain. This cross-chain technology is a general-purpose cross-chain technology that can support the cross chain transfer between any two, Bitcoin-like public chain, EVM based chain, or Graphene public chain. (Note: Cross-chain with the Graphene public chain needs to be evaluated and developed separately)

DEX & NFT Market Places

IPFS Data Center

IPFS Data Center stores data from either blockchain embedding IoT devices or manual input data. It can help to keep track of the related operational and financial indicators of the enterprise. We can also use smart contracts to do data verification, so that the real operating conditions of the enterprise can be cross-verified.