Oumi Roadshow: DigitalAsset Service Provider Salon (Foshan Station)

On Friday, October 29th, Oumi Group held the DigitalAsset Service Provider Salon: Foshan Station offline sharing meeting in Foshan. The salon introduced the blockchain e-commerce platform and the task publishing system called MedalDAO. By showing the case of the combination of NFT and entity enterprises, explore how to use blockchain to empower small and medium-sized entity industries.

Foshan is a concentrated area of traditional industries, and small and medium enterprises can be seen everywhere. Combined with the theme of “Blockchain Technology Empowers Small and Medium Entities”, this conference was held in Foshan. This event mainly introduced two projects of blockchain technology e-commerce and task release system. Hosted by Mr. Mao, co-founder of Oumi Group, Mr. Li gave an online operation explanation. In addition, the guests at the meeting raised questions on “How does blockchain technology empower real enterprises”, and the speaker also gave detailed answers on sales channels, laws and regulations, and investment returns.

Activity review link:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/VAgCK5AqcPcqkL1QHJCUFw

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