Event Review:Blockchain+ Games, Explore the Prototype of the Metaverse

On Saturday, September 4th, Oumi Group held the Blockchain+Games, Explore the Prototype of the Metaverse online sharing meeting.This event explored the prototype, prospects and changes of Metaverse by analyzing the combination of blockchain and games.

The sharing meeting focused on Loot, an unexpected NFT project. Loot has created an unprecedented new model. Loot adopts a bottom-up approach. Compared with creators who bring value to NFTs after issuing NFTs, Loot allows the community to determine the value of NFTs. This is a new and more decentralized way of building NFT projects. The future of Loot projects depends on collectors. If people buy Loot but no one creates anything, then Loot will probably be worthless. But if people buy Loot and create something based on it, then its upper limit is the sky.

In addition, the exchange meeting also discussed the Yield Guild Games (YGG) Golden Game League. YGG is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) composed of tens of thousands of game players who are constantly increasing. In the Play-to-Earn game, they use non-fungible tokens (NFT) to generate real cash flow. At present, a recruitment, training, and game lending chain with labor unions as the core has been formed: For Axie Infinity’s explosive project, YGG has proposed a targeted Axie Scholarship (Axie Scholarship) project. For players with scholarships, the administrator will assign them 3 Axies as a team. This group of players has almost no upfront cost when entering the game. The 3 borrowed Axies became their initial production tools in the game and began to earn SLP tokens in the game.

In these game modes, NFT is involved. By converting game assets into NFT, the stickiness of game fans and the realization of game assets are guaranteed. At the same time, the unique liquidity of NFT also guarantees its circulation speed. This shows that NFT has extremely high applicability in the game field. The NFT issuance service and underlying blockchain technology provided by Oumi Group for enterprises can also help enterprises and projects to experience the new business model brought by NFT first.

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