Oumi Roadshow: Digital Asset Service Provider Salon 

On Tuesday, October 19th, Oumi Group held the Digital Asset Service Provider Salon offline sharing meeting in Guangzhou.Some examples of the combination of NFT and entity enterprises were displayed at the meeting. It also discussed how to use blockchain to empower the business model of traditional enterprises.

This meeting was hosted by Mr. Mao Yufan, the co-founder of Omi Group, and Mr. Li Bingyang gave an online explanation. First, the host introduced the blockchain technology e-commerce platform and MedalDAO task release system, and discussed topics such as sales channels, regulations and policies, and return on investment. In addition, the speaker of the interactive session also discussed with the participants what NFT is, what business model innovation NFT can bring to enterprises, and how enterprises should cooperate in the domestic and global environment.

Activity review link:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/lRR–kuBKcBOnW_mVH8_3w

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