Event review: Discussion on the application of NFT in industrial hemp and Medal Dao

The meetup of ‘Discussion on the application of NFT in industrial hemp and Medal Dao’ simultaneously held online and offline ended successfully.

The conference was hosted by Mr. Li, co-founder of OUMI Blockchain, and invited two guests. Dr. Wei, the founder of Woqi Agriculture, shared us with the project of the intelligent industrial hemp growth cabinet. Mark, the COO of Medal DAO, shared us with the project of the multidimensional space of the virtual world. Through this activity, audiences gained new knowledge and insights into NFT application. At the end of the activity, we also prepared the lottery and drop.

The project of the intelligent industrial hemp growth cabinet was developed by a joint laboratory led by the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and Canada. It breaks through the limitation of artificial cultivation and monitors planting through artificial intelligence to ensure the number of harvesting and shorten the growth cycle, achieving a conservative estimate of 4-5 times annual profit. At the same time, it trades the intelligent industrial hemp growth cabinet online in the form of NFT to reduce cost and improve efficiency. During the discussion, the activity also referred to the detailed answers about marketing channels, regulations, and policies as well as the investment return cycle.

Then, Mark introduced the form and business development plan of Medal Dao. Many people learned about DAO for the first time and were interested in the underlying technical logic of DAO and the relationship between Dao and their own business.

Dao automates the business by executing smart contracts through blockchain. It can run without intervention and management through a series of fair rules. Smart contracts are pre-set and displayed on the network in the form of open source. Everyone can become an investor of the organization by purchasing or providing services. Investors can participate in the operation of the organization, grow together with the Dao network and share the profits of the organization.

On this basis, Medal Dao, as a community autonomous organization with decentralized multidimensional identity, aims to provide a behavior record of decentralized digital identity and multidimensional NFT Medal. Medal Dao can also be seen as a high-level human resource system. Both the employers and the project side can evaluate the target candidates and the target projects according to the behavior record on the Dao, which can reduce the information difference, make the data transparent, and reduce the trust cost and improve the efficiency between resources and business. At the same time, with more interactions on Medal Dao and higher task completion, membership level and rights will also be improved, realizing efficient self-drive and self-operation.

In the future, the OUMI group will hold more summit conferences, panel discussions, and roadshows about the related projects. Carrying out a thorough study of this new field to achieve the purpose of project development, and discuss more blockchain implementations and business cases in future events.

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