Event review : Discussion on what innovation and commercial reform will be bought by the combination of blockchain and IP copyright

The Online meetup about “what innovation and commercial reform will be bought by the combination of blockchain and IP copyright” discussed the case about the combination of blockchain and cultural entertainment IP business model hold by OUMI Reading Club ended successfully.

The concept of IP is not only about the protection of the creations but also means a new business model and profit mode.

There are various categories of IP. This online meetup mainly focused on three business models of cultural and entertainment IP: Virtual Influencer, Figures IP, and E-Commerce + VI .


The advantages of VI mode are mainly reflected in two areas, music and clothing. Gorillaz, a popular virtual rock band formed in 1998, is a band made up of virtual cartoon characters. In this mode, virtual bands attract traffic and fans through music and concerts, and produce related products derived from this IP. First of all, the virtual band reduces a lot of trouble for the agency. The IP is a virtual band rather than the real people, so there is no need to worry about whether the “artist” will have any influence on the brand reputation. In addition, the virtual band has created a new artist image and a concert mode, attracting a large number of fans.

VI also brings a huge revolution for fashion models. In the traditional way, fashion designers need to hire high-priced models to show their clothing designs, and they also need to consider the conditions and journey. As a virtual model, Shudu perfectly solves these problems. Fashion designers only need to create electronic clothes that can be presented by virtual models. The business model of The Digitals tends to provide services for designers, so the designers bring their own flow to the platform and achieve monetization.

Figures IP

Figures IP’s copyrights monetization is common among the hottest game companies. Animoca Brands is a representative game company that makes traditional games as well as blockchain games. By releasing 721 tokens, the time the players spent in the game will be rewarded. F1Delta Time, MotoGP Ignition, The Sandbox are some famous blockchain games owned by Animoca Brands, which will be the king of the blockchain games and NFT in the future.

 e-commerce +VI

The last commercial method is the combination of e-commerce and VI. Superplastic, an American Designer Toys store, collects traffic from VI co-designed by different artists and sells them as designer dolls, forming an IP– traffic — monetization process. In these three commercial methods, IP is changed into NFT which ensures user stickiness and monetization. At the same time, NFT’s unique liquidity also ensures the speed of its flow. This shows the applicability of NFT in the IP field. OUMI’s NFT publishing services and underlying blockchain technology can also help enterprises experience the new business model.

In the future, the innovative combination of blockchain and IP business method will have a wider range of application scenarios. Through this online meetup, everyone has an in-depth understanding of blockchain and IP bossiness method. OUMI Reading Club will hold more communication activities to discuss the application prospect of blockchain.

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