Event review : Discussion on how does blockchain improve and empower traditional e-commerce

The online meetup about ‘how does blockchain improve and empower traditional e-commerce’ which discussed the cases and application prospect of blockchain and e-commerce hold by OUMI Reading Club ended successfully.

In recent ten years, e-commerce gets a rapid development and significant changes have taken place in the market model and business model, e-commerce is gradually changing from the incremental market to the stock market with many new trends. The cases about “headless e-commerce”, investment bank alike e-commerce, channel e-commerce, and sales e-commerce are discussed in the online meetup.

Headless e-commerce is a new concept emerging in recent years. It decouples front-end display from the back-end service, and the back-end provides services in the form of API without a front-end display. Headless e-commerce is generally applied to brand owners by establishing their vertical e-commerce sites and utilizing fragmented social media to face consumers directly.

Investment bank alike company is a kind of company with certain marketing and operation capabilities. They use their operation resources to help enterprises with marketing and are more inclined to a third partner. 

It is not difficult to see that no matter what kind of e-commerce model, operation and positioning are very important. Blockchain can enhance fan stickiness and marketing effectiveness by empowering its point system and monetizing membership. In addition, the marketing method of blockchain has a lower cost of acquiring customers than the traditional marketing method, and the marketing effect can be achieved twice with half the effort through airdrop. This shows the applicability of blockchain in e-commerce marketing. The NFT issuance service and underlying blockchain technology provided by OUMI can also help enterprises and projects experience the new business model brought by blockchain.

In the future, the innovative combination of blockchain and e-commerce will have a wider range of application scenarios. Through this online meetup, everyone has an in-depth understanding of blockchain and e-commerce. OUMI Reading Club will hold more communication activities to discuss the application prospect of blockchain.

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