Event review : Discussion on blockchain and game, explore the early form of the meta-universe

The online meetup about ‘Discussion on blockchain and game, explore the early form of the meta-universe discussed the cases of blockchain and game and the prospect and reform of the meta-universe hold by OUMI Reading Club ended successfully.

Just a few days before the activity, Loot NFT exploded in a rapidly changing market and was discussed at the activity. Loot has created a new model that has never been seen before. It takes a bottom-up approach and lets the community determine the value of an NFT, rather than the creators bringing value to it after it is released. This is a new and more decentralized way of structuring NFT projects. The future of Loot is up to collectors. If people buy Loot but no one builds anything, Loot will probably be worthless. But if people buy Loot and build something, then its value is infinite. Putting the rights of value casting in the hands of people is a model similar to games.

The online meetup also discussed the Yield Guild Games (YGG), a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) composed of tens of thousands of players. They use non-homogeneous tokens (NFT) in Play-to-Earn games to generate real cash flows. At present, a chain of recruitment, training, and game lending based on trade unions has been formed. For the popular Axie Infinity project, YGG specifically proposed an Axie Scholarship project. For the players who apply for this scholarship, the manager will assign 3 Axie to them. This group of players entered the game with almost no initial expense, and the borrowed three Axie became their initial production tools in the game and began earning SLP tokens. In each of these game modes, NFT is involved to ensure fan stickiness and monetization of game assets by converting game assets into NFT, while the unique liquidity of NFT also ensures the speed of circulation. This shows the applicability of NFT to games. OUMI’s NFT publishing services and underlying blockchain technology can also help enterprises and projects experience the new business model brought by NFT.

In the future, the innovative combination of blockchain and games will have a wider range of application scenarios. Through this online meetup, everyone has an in-depth understanding of blockchain and games. OUMI Reading Club will hold more communication activities to discuss the application prospect of blockchain.

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