Oumi NFT Asset Investment Roadshow will Start

“Oumi NFT Asset Investment Roadshow“ is a event series co organized by Wenjinsuo (Shenzhen) Information Technology Co., Ltd., B lockagora , Oumi Group and Medaldao. The first event will start start soon, please stay tuned!


In the context of the digital trend, NFT, act as a gateway between the digital world and the real world, it plays an important role for the future of economic development and in more business scenarios. There are various high-quality projects and targets in this field. This series of events aims to connect projects, resources, including capital funds and channels. At the same time, under the support of Shanghai Cultural IP Exchange, and the overseas asset issuers, through compliant channels, we hope to introduce more high-quality projects, using NFT blockchain certificates to map and circulate more high-quality IP, artworks, certificates, etc., and truly open up the last step of reality and digitalization. The gate, realize the landing of asset digitization, and bring more physical assets into the meta universe.

Co Organizers:

Wenjin Institute (Shenzhen) Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shanghai Cultural Property Exchange Co., Ltd. (“Shanghai Cultural Exchange”). It is authorized to operate and trade cultural assets, and the assets can be listed nationwide.

Blockagora is an overseas NFT exchange platform for NFT equity, and debt certificates exchange, etc., and provides one-stop self-service for compliance issuance.

Oumi Reading Club is a Chinese knowledge sharing network, mainly focusing on the application of new technologies in the digital economy, artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain (IoT software and hardware, cross-chain technology, NFT , smart contracts, etc.). Oumi Reading Club also organized many big events. The “Global NFT Digital IP and Asset Summit” was just held on May 11th — 12th. The summit invited Wall Street investment bank Weild&Co , Singapore angel investment fund LetVenture partner, Likvidi Securities founder, Consensys blockchain , Defi , NFT researcher and the founder of the Digico capital, the former chairman of Zhengbang Group and many experienced exports in this field.

Medal DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization to provide multi-dimensional identity, and aims to provide a decentralized digital identity to record multi-dimensional behavior on NFT.

Roadshow Format:

The projects will have 10 to 15 minutes to present. Investors and participants will be able to interact & exchange ideas and feedback based on the presentation. Later Investors and participants can decide independently whether to invest or do business with the projects. After project presentation, audience will have 10–20 minutes to interact with the project presenter.

Ways to participate in Roadshow:

Participants can join Roadshow at Guangzhou, Shanghai, Changzhou, Chongqing. This roadshow will also be broadcasted live at Bilibili & Tencent Conference.

Want to be a Sponsor for Roadshow?

If you are interested in sponsoring this event! We also have AI sales to promote this event, which could cover 10k people. Could contact [email protected]

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