Global NFT Digital IP & Assets Summit successfully completed- let’s opens a new future of NFT Technology Application

From May 11 to May 12, 2021, the “Global NFT Digital IP & Assets Summit” hosted by Guangzhou Oumi Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., a member of Oumi Group, was broadcasted via the Tencent conference.

This summit has covered three major topics

1. NFT Applications in Financial Industry and its Business Models.

2. NFT Applications in Arts and Intellectual Property Protection and its Business Models.

3. NFT Applications in IoT and Edge Computing and its Business Models.

At this summit, Guangzhou Oumi Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. invited industry leaders, corporate founders, and elite scholars around the world to attend the summit.

NOTE: List of speakers are in alphabetical order of last name.

  1. Mr. Duan Shengwen is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Pudu (Shanghai) Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Duan said that there are many problems in the current art market, such as copyright ownership, anti-counterfeiting certification, and transaction record traceability. Pudu hopes to use NFT technology to provide an ID for the real version of the art, as well as to provide the traceability. In mean time, artists can collect copyright fees in the circulation of the artwork.
  • Mr. Fred Zheng, a licensed lawyer in Canada, & a founder of FZ Legal. Mr. Zheng shared his wonderful views on the blockchain art and financial assets from the securities law compliance. In the field of NFT artwork, he explained what collectors bought from the NFT from the perspective of property rights, the risks of the NFT P2P trading platform, some legal applications of smart contracts and made a wonderful case analysis based on the specific terms of NBA Hotshot. In the field of financial asset transaction compliance, Attorney Zheng also briefly analyzed the supervision concept of the Securities Regulatory Commission system on cryptocurrencies, and introduced how to define securities, the supervision of fragmented transactions, and the supervision of cryptocurrencies from the perspective of the Howey test. Last but not least, Mr. Zheng talked about the supervision of trading platforms
  • Mr. Gu Yue is the co-founder of BitFuture. Mr. Gu Yue shared his view about the application of NFT in art, games and governance of DAO. Mr. Gu said that NFT is revolutionary in the game field. It can disrupt the traditional issuing channels and protect the rights and interests of game publishers.
  • Ms. Ji Renhong is the founder of Chengshi Entrepreneur Platform and Shanghai Fuyu Creative. Ms. Ji started from the growing path of a  traditional artists, and analyzed the disruption of NFT for the traditional art distribution channels represented by auction, which has enabled more artists to achieve value at lower costs.
  • Mr. Kendall, currently the chief scientist of Ontology public chain. “People, property, and everything have identities” he stated. Kendall also introduced the broad concept of identity, the understanding of DID, and the process of verifiable credentials and the real case scenarios that Ontology already done.
  • Mr. Mattison A., is the lead researcher of Ethereum, Defi, and NFT at ConsenSys, a world-renowned blockchain company. He is also the founder of Digico Capital and the editor-in-chief of Crypto-Chronicles magazine. Mattsion introduced the concept of NFT, the development of the overall NFT market, the buying behavior and motivation of NFT traders, the trends in the fields of games, music, and art, and the future financialization of NFT.
  • Mr. Nithin Palavalli, the founder and CEO of RubiX Network Inc., Ph.D. from Tsinghua University, MBA from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, and former Global Business Director of Pea Pods. In the NFT and asset panel, Nithin said that he the tokenization of artworks and  games is very mature. However, there are still many industry-integrated NFT applications that are worthy of attention. These applications mainly fall into two categories. One is industry applications. Such as ticketing, lottery, and the other one is entertainment.
  • Mr. Ransu Salovaara, currently the CEO of Likovidi Securities Co., Ltd. in Dubai, UAE, is a financial services company headquartered in Dubai and licensed by DFSA, with partners and offices in London, UK and Helsinki, Finland. In the guest sharing session, Ransu mainly introduced sustainable finance, such as some innovative models based on the combination of GreenBond issued by NFT and open finance.
  • Ms. Sheree Ip is the advisor of Power Ledger. Sheree also introduced some of the global Recs exchange market status, the global deployment of Power Ledger, and some applications of NFT in distributed Recs exchange.
  • Mr. Vadim Krekotin, the CEO of Cointelegraph China, which is a well-known and long-established encrypted digital and blockchain industry media in the world, has a leading position in the global encrypted digital and blockchain media industry. In the NFT and Digital IP panel, Vadim said that there are several main driving factors for the recent boom of NFT. One of them is that Ethereum has repeatedly broken through historical highs and attracted a lot of attention. The second is the media’s hype, driving new players to join the market. At the same time, Vadim also said that NFT can be combined with new DeFi for escrow, and NFT is a way that is more acceptable to the public.
  • Mr. Wang Qiheng, SmartMesh CEO, Master of Physics from Peking University, PhD in Astronomy and Physics from Northwestern University. in his sharing, Mr. Wang Qiheng reviewed the development stage from web1.0 to web3.0, and imagined the composition of the next-generation distributed value Internet of Things brought by SmartMesh and the global implementation of the SmartMesh Foundation.
  • Ms. Wang Bei is the co-founder and chief marketing officer of NFT platform and production company Straight Fire. Straight Fire is helping many outstanding global brands and classic IPs to fully discover and release the huge untapped business opportunities and influence in Metaverse. From the perspective of Ms. Wang Bei, the focus of real art circle, industry and financial circle, speculators for NFT is very different. The current NFT is still in its very early state.
  • Mr. Wang Rong is the investment director of Shenzhen Golden Orange Capital Management Co., Ltd. In the NFT and assets panel, from the perspective of investors, NFT is actually a gateway for physical identity and digital mapping. In the future, there may be greater outbreaks in artworks and games.
  • Mr. Yu Weiren, Dean of Tuoluo Research Institute and Vice President of Daoji Research Institute, Vice President of Shenzhen Information Service Industry and Blockchain Association. In terms of the current problems encountered in the combination of NFT and industry, Dean Yu said there are two main obstacles. The first is whether the property rights can be effectively protected by law, and the second is the user experience. Decentralized user experience is not very easy to be accepted by the public.
  • Ms. Yang Lin, contemporary calligrapher, painter, and representative of a new generation of artists. Graduated from the Abstract Department of the Italian Academy of Fine Arts and studied at the University of Pennsylvania. In the panel, Ms. Yang Lin also shared with us from the perspective of an artist about the reason why NFT attracts creators, and how to tell a valuable artwork from the perspective of the artist.
  • Dr. Zheng Yushan, the founding partner of Waterdrop Capital, a former Huawei HiSilicon chip design engineer, the director of BitShares and the executive director of the Graphene Blockchain Application Center. In the NFT and Assets panel, Dr. Zheng shared a number of interesting cases of the combination of NFT and financial assets, such as the combination of commercial bills and NFT escrows.
  • Mr. Zhang Xinyu, CEO of MOAC Node (Shenzhen) Network Technology Co., Ltd. In the guest sharing, Mr. Zhang Xinyu deeply analyzed a case of a vending machine using financial leasing and NFT models to lend.
  • Mr. Zhong Bin, CEO of three companies, Southern Bills Net, Guangzhou Baixin Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd., and BlockDraft. Starting from the current situation of China’s bill industry, Mr. Zhong deeply analyzed the current plight of China’s bill industry and how Blockdraft uses blockchain NFT technology to solve the new model of industry plight.

The guests at the summit discussed the current applications of NFT in finance, copyright, and Internet of Things hardware, covering a wide range of fields, including art collections, cultural copyrights, digital identities, games, virtual worlds, commercial paper assets, financial derivatives, Internet of Things transmission, edge computing, digital photovoltaics, future agriculture, etc., as well as giving the outlook for the far-reaching effects and impacts of the industry implementation of NFT in the future.

The entire summit is conducted through online and offline venues and community interaction. The offline branch venues are directly connected to the Tencent meeting to interact with guests. There were 8 offline venues in 6 cities in China, including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Xiamen, Changsha, and Baotou. At the same time, the Oumi Reading Club official account (WeChat public No.: oumireadingclub), the members of the Oumi Reading Club WeChat community and the Oumi Telegram community, left messages in the group and had a lively interaction with the guests. Online broadcast media include Tencent Conference & Bilibili etc. There were more than 1200 people only on Bilibili.

Offline venue partners Pudu (Shanghai) Ecological Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Chenganxin Certified Public Accountants, Guangdong Xinfeng Huizhi Network Technology Co., Ltd., Cloud Goto (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd., Changsha Craftsman Technology Co., Ltd., South China Blockchain community alliance, Bitfutures community was also crowded with people.

After the summit, the participants of the summit acknowledged that this summit allowed them to understand many key points of NFT law, as well as application scenarios which can bring far-reaching innovation in many fields involved in NFT. Participants also gave a good feedback for this summit. Guangzhou Oumi Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. will bring more similar innovative and practical summits and events in the future.

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