Oumi Blockchain Technology & Haiying Investment Signed a Technical Service Contract to Help Digitize Commercial Paper Assets

On March 31, 2021, Guangzhou Oumi Blockchain Technology Company and Haiying Investment Co., Ltd. signed a technical service contract. Oumi will provide technology such as blockchain , big data and artificial intelligence for Haiying Investment Company to carry out technological transformation and apply blockchain technology to the digitization of commercial paper assets.

Haiying Investment Company is the first to use blockchain technology in traditional financial bill business, using blockchain technology and smart contracts to reflect the objective, authentic business data, as well as bill circulation, avoiding the moral hazard of artificial tampering and the data storage upload. The world-renowned public chain guarantees data reliability, stability, security, scalability and other indicators. It actually discloses the business status and profitability of bill management company to investors.

Haiying Investment Company will use the parachain technology, cross-chain technology of ContractLand to build a digital bill asset platform for global financial asset investors and bill asset owners. On the platform, the bill asset owner can publish it’s bill digital assets (i.e. bill NFT), publicizes all bank statement infomation, bill information, account bill balance details, etc. on to the chain, and uses the non-tamperable modification of the blockchain to make the bill asset of investors be able to cross-verify the operational authenticity of the bill assets they hold, reducing pre-investment moral hazard and adverse selection problems in the investment and financing process.

Haiying Investment’s domestic commercial partners include bill platforms, commercial factoring companies, state-owned guarantee companies and large financial institutions. The bill platform is Southern Bills Net, and the factoring company: Guangzhou Baixin Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd.; state-owned guarantee companies include Guangzhou Yuexiu Financial Guarantee Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Kaide Financial Guarantee Co., Ltd.; large financial institutions include Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank , Industrial Bank, China CITIC Bank, Ping An Bank, Hua Xia Bank and many other financial institutions.

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